New boundaries between privacy and publicity in digital age

The project aims to design a prototype of the homes of data nudists. Data Naturism is presenting a situation in which people are living in a lifestyle where their information is public just like the term naturism refers to a lifestyle based on personal, communal, or social nudism. This live-work building is recording all the activities happening within, where people share as much as they can. The meaning of publicity and privacy is questioned, and the ways of controlling surveillance are at the core of the design.
The images and videos on social media platforms have changed the way we look and are looked at. Our privacy is overly exposed and analyzed through images, which multiply and proliferate. Domination is no longer exercised through Bentham’s ‘Panopticon’ but Zuckerberg’s ‘Like’, flowing primarily not from physical and external power exerted on the body but through ubiquitous digital surveillance. One’s identity is questioned by the objective transformation of their subjective consciousness and value, which is reshaped under surveillance capitalism. How do people appear and disappear in an age of total over-visibility? Do they become images to be viewed? Are people hidden by too many images? Do they hide amongst other images? What is the relationship between space and imaging people’s lives? What will architecture do for the media transmission? “Data- naturism” focuses on the youtube content creators and explores the architectural and spatial compositions and their meaning to people’s digital privacy.
No more meeting, only videos. No more reputation, only rankings. No more privacy, only publicity. No more thinking, only watching. No more offline, only online. No more audience, only subscribers. No more subjects, only users. No more factual, only explanation. No more discuss, only search. No more personalism, only data naturism.
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